About Us

We are offended by how much other fundraising companies charge for shirts, how many problems they have with their orders, and how intimidated and discouraged you are by past experiences.

We make you the champion of your school or organization by providing you confidence, quality and value in every shirt you purchase.

We eliminate confusion with simplicity, deliver quality with the best options in every shirt category, and create value with reasonable pricing and exceptional client care!


Our Promise to you!


1. You will LOVE working with our people as they think and act for you during every step of the process.

2. We offer a “make it right” guarantee. If you are not pleased we will refund your money, but that still leaves you to start the process all over agan with someone else. We’d prefer to win back your trust by going above and beyond to make you a raving fan!

3. The price quoted is the price you pay- no additional fees for anything ever.


Our Promise = Success for you!


People in your organization will love you for making everyone look good!

You’ll think of more ways to use custom shirts and apparel to strengthen your school and organizations.

Your custom shirts and apparel will earn you money!

You will feel good about the experience and the process

“Your company has been amazing and really goes above and beyond. We value our partnership. Thanks again!”