Screen Printing

By the way, what is “screen-printing?”

When I first got into the business I had to research this for myself, as I had no idea!  Screen-printing, or silk screening, is a printmaking technique which creates bold color using a stencil. The artist draws an image on a piece of paper (plastic film can also be used.) The image is cut out creating a stencil. (Keep in mind the pieces that are cut away are the areas that will be colored.) Special photographic emulsions are also often used to make photo-screens. A screen is made of a piece of fabric (originally silk) stretched over a wood frame (nowadays most places use aluminum or steel).

The stencil is affixed to the screen. The screen is then placed on top of a piece of dry paper or fabric. Ink is then placed across the top length of the screen. A squeegee (rubber blade) is used to spread the ink across the screen, over the stencil, and onto the paper/fabric. The screen is lifted and the image is now transferred onto the paper/fabric. Each color requires a separate stencil. The screen can be re-used after cleaning. When printing onto fabrics that are to be worn and washed, the ink should be cured with high temperatures to ensure permanence.